Thursday, 9 February 2017


Nii Allotey Brew Hammond
Leadership of NPP and NDC must act in the interest of the Nation according to the Chairman of the party, Nii Allotey Brew Hammond. His comment comes in the wake of the unfortunate comments made by the Chairmen of the two dominant parties concerning 2016 post-election violent attacks going on in the country.

While the Acting National Chairman of the NPP is reported, rather sadly, to have defended and backed the indecent act of his party supporters as “protecting state properties”, the National Chairman of the NDC in a press conference absolved the NDC counter attacks, and further advanced the argument that NDC lawbreakers should not be blamed for reprisal attacks emanating from “the beastly conduct of the Akufo-Addo invincible forces”. We find the intemperate language of these two political leaders unacceptable and unbefitting for National cohesion. Their comments are a threat to National Security and National Development.

However, Nii Allotey believes the statements are irresponsible and pose a threat development of competence and character among today’s youth, and must therefore, be condemned. “These worrisome trends – socially unconstructive behavior – if encouraged, can only reflect the perpetrators assessment of their future economic prospects as uncertain and lead to a belief that Ghana is out of control. This attitude can pose a threat to the development of competence and character among today’s youth who may find crime as an alternate source of income that promises greater short-term financial gains than employment.”

He asked them to put the interest first, and assured Ghanaians that the Progressive People’s Party will do everything within its powers to help stop this nastiness.

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