Friday, 10 February 2017

Zawren Ndoum Council of Elders

Zawren Ndoum movement is a registered non-governmental organization constituted in 2016 by independent-minded individuals from Zongo communities in Ghana who have been ardent followers of Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum for many years.

Zawren Nduom, which literary means “the Hall of Nduom”, in Hausa dialect was intended to promote the well-being of members of the various communities in terms of education and job creation opportunities, particularly for the youth, to enhance productivity.

According to the leaders of the group, Dr Nduom’s ideas are synonymous with some of the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammed, and are convinced he is the only resourceful person who can take the Zongos and Ghana to the level that majority of them are yearning for.

During 2016 Electioneering campaign, the group campaigned vigorously for Dr. Ndoum, and parliamentary candidates of the Party in Ofoase Ayiribi, KEEA, South Dayi and Kwesimintim.

Zawren Ndoum will continue to mobilise support from the zongos for Dr. Ndoum and help PPP capture power in 2020.

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